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Meditation is a complex word to define. It is an experience, a journey to self-discovery. Feel present in the moment and feel at peace. Connect with yourself, improve your life, and advance your knowledge of yourself. Meditation is different for each person and it is a powerful tool that everyone should learn. 


Control your breath. Alkaline your body. Knowing proper breathing techniques is incredibly beneficial to the mind and body, providing you with energy or relaxation, as needed.  


Ice Bath.

Challenge the limits of your mind. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn to deal with stress. Understand that you can do anything you set your mind to. Ice baths are an amazing tool that help with everything, from mind to body!

Outdoor Activities.

Enjoy the other side of Marbella and become one with nature. Relax in the outdoors. Getting outdoors provides a good source of Vitamin D, releases endorphins, and is a nice change of scenery. From nice, gentle paths in Marbella to high mountain peaks in Granada. Get some fresh air and join us for some fun outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and so much more! 

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